Drought or no drought: Jerry Brown sets permanent water conservation rules for Californians

Water Conservation Rules in California

In our heavily regulated state, where the laws end up becoming status quo for all 50 states, get ready for a dozy. Right or wrong, drought or no drought, residents of California are going to have to change the way they live. We are not talking about curbing vices like smoking or other sin taxes. We are talking about permanent and drastic water rationing. Soon, each resident of California will be allocated just 55 gallons of water per day.

Right now, the average resident uses about 90 gallons of water per day. When the allocation is exceeded, we can only imagine the rate penalties will be punitive and bold. This is not going to change should we have a year or two or ten of positive precipitation or new technologies to process the water we have and the water we lose as it flows into the sea. It does not matter—we are yet again going to be taxed harder.

This number will ultimately be dropped to 50 gallons a day per person and again to put this in real-world perspective, it takes 40 gallons of water to do a load of laundry and 16 gallons to take a 5-minute shower. Older dwellings are, at best, not water efficient, and at worse, can have an unrealized leak wasting hundreds or thousands of gallons of water each month or year. So, if you are a fan of strict water conservation or opposed to it, you should take the time to make sure your home has modern plumbing fixtures and healthy water supply.

If you have not called a good plumber to check the health of your home’s arteries, it is time to do so. Pacific Plumbing of Southern California has been servicing Santa Ana and Orange County since 1929. We consider every customer a priority and we love our state. The laws may be harsh, they may be needed, they may be overkill, but the fact of the matter is they are coming, and you can make sure you are ready ahead of time by contacting us for a home inspection and recommendation.

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