Conserve Water or Your Money May Be Flushed Away at an Alarming Rate

Importance of Water Conservation

Nothing shapes the well-being and the health of a culture more than the availability of uncontaminated water. Above the arguments and discourse over climate change, the impact humans have on global conditions and how we can, at the very least, not make things worse is the straightforward and far less emotionally charged issue of our protection and use of water. Simply put, without water, there would be no life.

With a growing population, the water problem must be addressed and reassessed on a regular basis. We need H2O and we cannot create an alternate “fuel” to replace it. We do not have nearly enough, and although it can be reclaimed or desalinized, these processes are cost-prohibitive and even when we have mastered this science, it will still require constant attention and refinement as our population increases.

Southern California is a perfect example of a very predictable disastrous collision between the need for water and the supply available. Southern California is a desert and even if we have consecutive years with above average rainfall, we still need more than we have or more than we can contain. Water conservation is paramount to our ability to live and work in SoCal and this is something that nobody disputes.

With the demand outweighing supply and that ratio getting larger, our legislature feels that putting a cap on the water limit an individual uses is necessary to curtail the overuse of fresh water. The limitations will be introduced as a tiered billing system with the cost per gallon increasing substantially if your usage is larger than the decided norm. These limits are going to change the way we think about water usage every time we turn on a faucet or use the hose, washing machine or sprinklers. Over the next few years, the limit of how much water is allocated to each resident will decrease, ultimately to 50 gallons per person per day. This may be looked upon as a politically motivated law and that might be partially true, but there is no doubt society must evolve to use water in a much more conservative and precise way to allow us to live and expand the population in Southern California.

At the heart of it all is today’s technically skilled plumbing companies like Pacific Plumbing of Southern California. We have been providing the infrastructure and the engineering know-how to supply water and remove waste from homes and businesses in and around Orange County since 1929. Pacific Plumbing has not remained the leader in commercial and residential plumbing for this long by accident. It is the craftsmanship, know-how, and adaptation to new technologies and methods of water management that has kept us towering above the rest. The old cliché of what a plumbing company stood for is not even a humorous footnote to the generations of Californians that are becoming the mayors, councilman, assemblymen and business leaders in our economy today.

Choosing the right company to design maintain and repair our water supply requires high-level engineering, education, and practical experience that is unmatched in SoCal. As a resident or a business owner in California, we can debate the true shortage of water and the equitable solution being put forth to penalize overuse. These issues do have political elements by default as the solutions are made by our government, but the genie is certainly not going back in the bottle and again, there is no argument as to the importance of clean water. We have to look to ourselves to optimize the way we use water and the tools we use to make sure we are not wasting water. We have no choice but to take matters into our own hands by using the modern tools and design available to adhere to the limitations in a way that minimizes the adverse impact on our daily lives.

Pacific Plumbing of Southern California can help you do just that. We are experts on the science of water use and optimization of plumbing infrastructure. For new construction in the enterprise world or repairs on your existing single-family dwelling, we can prepare you for the changes and make sure you do not find yourself facing a huge financial burden after the fact.

Please contact us and we can start helping today. We have been here for 90 years, we have the county’s best interest and your best interest at heart. Trust is earned over time and trust is increased with hard work and attention to detail. This is who we are—your expert plumbing technicians.

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